Vintage Glory: Ragtops’ 1939 Pontiac Woodie Wagon Wins at Delray Beach Concours D’Elegance

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1939 Pontiac Woodie Delray Beach

Sunday, June 17th, marked the prestigious 2nd Annual Delray Beach Concours D’Elegance. Nestled in the historic setting of the Old School House Square in downtown Delray Beach.

Seeking to curate an exclusive lineup of timeless classics, the event organizers approached Tom Willhite, one of the 12 judges and a volunteer at Ragtops Museum, Lake Worth Beach. Tasked with the mission to find a unique Pre-War car for the event, Tom proposed the Ragtops’ resplendent 1939 Pontiac Woodie Wagon, a marvel that encapsulates the craftsmanship of the Pre-War era. Ty Houck, the founder of Ragtops, was in full agreement, bestowing the honor on the magnificent Woodie to represent both Ragtops and the charm of the Pre-War epoch.

The event was nothing short of a remarkable spectacle, with an impressive array of exquisite automobiles that spanned over a century of automotive history. From the compact and charming Fuldamobil to the palatial Rolls Royce, over 100 different Marques were represented, creating an automotive panorama of unrivaled diversity.

Awards were granted to the best in class, honoring all periods of automotive history and types. This ranged from vintage tractors to million-dollar luxury vehicles. In addition, the sponsors were given the privilege to select their personal favorite from the pantheon of automotive excellence – a daunting task considering the high caliber of the competition.

Ty Houck was understandably overjoyed when Stuart and Shelby Development, one of the sponsors, singled out Ragtops’ stunning 1939 Pontiac Woodie Wagon for their Best in Show award. It’s tempting to speculate that their selection of the Woodie may have been influenced by Stuart and Shelby’s inherent appreciation for superior craftsmanship and timeless design. Nevertheless, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the iconic Woodie and its emblematic representation of the Pre-War period.

Best in Class Award