Lake Worth Beach 2022 All American Raft Race Event

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Saturday evening, July 2nd, as part of the Lake Worth Beach 2022 All American Raft Race activities, the neighborhood teams gathered at Ragtops Museum, 701 N. Dixie.

The event was the perfect setting for all the teams to challenge their competitive neighborhoods. There was an abundance of door prizes, and trash talking, all in fun! In attendance were Mayor Betty Resch, many local business dignitaries, a group of Ty’s friends, as well as Ragtops regular volunteers tending bar, answering questions and interacting with the crowd. The night was a huge success and will surely lead to more events being held at the Ragtops Museum which over the years has hosted countless corporate events, birthday parties and all sorts of gatherings.

For more information regarding events, Ty is always available at 561-379-6500 or at [email protected].

Ty Houck, Ragtops owner, provided a beautiful food spread, an open bar and of course, the perfect
setting for the 180 residents in attendance to view the wonderful cars and automobilia that adorn this
museum. Ragtops, an area icon for 42 years but new to Lake Worth Beach, displays wonderful classic
cars for sale and an abundance of auto related signs, toys, neons and other memorabilia.

Ty stated, “while not sure what to expect this evening, the turnout exceeded any projections and the
event was a huge success.” While Ragtops has relocated his museum/ business to this beautiful city, he
has been a long time resident and embraces more involvement in the coming years!