Established in 1980, Ragtops has evolved into a premier destination, filled with special interest and antique automobiles, memorabilia, and the unique Gift Garage.

Based in Lake Worth Beach in Palm Beach County, Ragtops is a multi-purpose location providing a vintage automobile museum, an event center, and home to our knowledgeable sales team!

Air Conditioned Storage for your Vehicles

We also have a secure storage facility that can accommodate up to 15 cars. We have year round clients that keep their vehicles with us, but usually have spots available, so please call us for the status. Just another way we try to take care of our customers! Pick up and delivery available also.

Personal Note

I want to thank everyone who has visited Ragtops, supported our growth by either buying an antique or special interest automobile, having an event with us, or visiting the Gift Garage and continue to follow us as we move around PB County! I am fairly certain that this location is the permanent one, right hand up! It has been an amazing journey that would have been impossible without the terrific help from our employees, cast members, event staff, and clients. Somehow we were able to create a place where people felt at home and enjoyed being there.

We hope you feel the same about this location as well. And if there is anything you don’t like about us, tell me … I can fix it!

Special Thanks go to Scott Lubin, Paget Kirkland, Guy Tudisco, Tom Willhite, Patrick Graham, and Bob Koepka for adding to this continuing journey Ragtops is on!


  • Excellent...!!


    Dohely Escalante
    Source: Google

  • Amazing antique and collector cars

    Amazing antique and collector cars For any car Enthusiast. Would make a great venue for a theme party. I enjoyed very much speaking with Ty the Owner and curator.

    Steve Calhoun
    Source: Google

  • If you like cars like me this is your place.

    If you like cars like me this is your place. Good old car selection as well good food.

    They offer their space for company’s events. It’s a quite nice experience.

    Lucio Rafael
    Source: Google

  • Awesome collection and setup

    Awesome collection and setup. They will be moving soon but I’m sure it will be just as awesome at the new location

    Jaime Fox
    Source: Google

  • Just an all around time travel experience!!!

    I absolutely love this place!!!! It is a must go see in Palm Beach! Beautiful cars, amazing people, just an all around time travel experience!!!

    Aury Castillo
    Source: Google

  • This museum is cool

    I visited years ago. This museum is cool and I think I remember you can rent out the bottom floor for parties.

    Also, they (elsewhere) fix up and sell vintage cars and sell some with the modern amenities such as power steering, power windows, and ac. So the museum helps activate the imagination on what you would enjoy driving around.

    Kay Guerard
    Source: Google

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